Be everyone’s favorite person

Nowadays in our work, to be everyone’s favorite person, its not a big deal. There are some tips and advices you can consider to be that person. I have read about this topics on other blogs and tried to summary some points and add more points I think they are important.

  1. Your attitude:

Adjusting your attitude will make your self easy to work with, so have a good attitude towards what you do and people you work with.

  1. Knowing:

When you know your clients and colleagues very good and know their goals, needs, etc ; that will help to have a good rapport with your colleagues.

  1. Be Approachable:

If you go to your work with a scowl in your face and keep sighing all the day, don’t expect people to talk with you. You have to be nice person and keep smileing to your colleagues faces.


  1. Yes Yes Yes

Don’t be the person who always says “No” because “Yes” always opens new connections and you will not lose any thing when you try, You will learn

  1. Help others:

Never say “That’s not my job”, try to think with your colleagues to solve problems and be beside them.


  1. Learn:

Willing to learn will help you go ahead in your carrer and be better. Also If you found your colleage not good in something like problem solving, help him and remember he may be better than you in something else like communication skills. So you should help each other and share knowledge.

  1. Coach:

Most of people are very very good to tell you what you have done wrong, but very very few who will tell you how to do it right. So share what you know with others

  1. Respect:

No matter what your boss’ qualifications are, what he did, where he lives or anything, He is still your boss and deserves to be respected. Treat him as you like to be treated when you will be a boss. Try to inform him if you will be late or you will leave early

  1. Respond quickly:

When your colleagues send you an email or ask you for something and they are waiting for your reply, you have to respond quickly as you can even if reply with “ I will get back to you!”

10. Write good emails:

Your email should provide just enough information to answer these five questions: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you asking me? Why should I do what you’re asking? What is the next step?

Also shorter emails will help recipients to focus and get what do you want.

11.Be on time:

Being on time shows that you are dependable and respectful of others. Entering a meeting late gives you an air of disorganization and hurts your performance; it is hard to gain command of the room when you are the last to enter it.